RFSI - The Need to Measure Impact: Proving the Impact of Investing in Regenerative Agriculture with Proofs Shannon Boselli

Our world is now powered by data, which has the incredible capacity for unlocking an increasingly equitable, healthy, and sustainable world if we can simply learn how to harness it. Perhaps nowhere is this more clearly seen than the Regen Ag sector — an industry [and movement] that can not only dramatically benefit from comprehensive ESG + Impact data measurement and analysis, but also demands it in order to prove that these methods are both sustainable and impactful for the planet, as well as more financially performant.

Discover why ESG+I measurement and reporting is a necessity for the growth of individual farms, efforts, and funds and is a chief catalyst for promoting regenerative practices worldwide.

Want to dive deeper? Watch the forum presentation via the Regenerative Forum Systems Investment (RFSI) website.