Proof @ Regenerative Food Systems Investment Europe

Proof @ Regenerative Food Systems Investment Europe
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Regenerative Food Systems Investment (RFSI) Europe is the convening to catalyze investment in regenerative agriculture and food, bringing together funders, farmers, founders, and other changemakers at the forefront of advancing regenerative agriculture and food systems.

At Proof, we believe in the transformative power of Regenerative Agriculture in reshaping our food systems for shared environmental, social, and economic prosperity. We are committed to supporting the regenerative movement with impact measurement and data intelligence tailored to this dynamic industry.

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Explore opportunities to expand your regenerative impact at RFSI and beyond

  1. Attend the RFSI Workshop - Regenerative Impact Measurement
  2. Regenerative Agriculture Working Group
    1. Review the Blueprint
    2. Join the Working Group
  3. Join the Regenerative Agriculture Community
  4. Report your Regenerative Impact with Proof
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1. RFSI Workshop - Regenerative Impact Measurement

Proof is proud to join RFSI Europe, leading a session on Regenerative Impact Measurement on February 29 at 2:45 pm. The workshop will be facilitated by Clara Cecil, Proof's Head of Customer Success.

Session Description

How do you quantify regenerative impact? Over the past year, Proof and Trailhead Capital have convened 20+ leading investors, enterprises, and NGOs to establish the standard KPIs for regenerative agriculture - designed for and by regenerative trailblazers. From Expanding Regeneratively Managed Land and Reducing Atmospheric Carbon to Reducing Food Waste, we've defined 20 KPIs to date and are setting the standard to inform impact investing benchmarks.

We invite investors, farmers, and enterprises alike to collaborate and refine the KPIs and measurement best practices. Whether you're seasoned in impact measurement or just starting out, dive into our discussion and gain invaluable insights into the key indicators driving regenerative success.

Facilitated by Proof - the technology platform for regenerative agriculture impact measurement - this session will also provide a sneak peek into highly anticipated upcoming focus areas for the working group - Nutrient Density, Biodiversity, and Water Conservation - and explore the pivotal role of regulations such as SFDR and CSRD in propelling ESG and impact reporting requirements forward. Join us and be part of the movement redefining how we measure regenerative impact.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Understand key indicators to define regenerative success
  2. Identify obstacles and opportunities for farmers, enterprises and investors in measuring regenerative impact
  3. Provide crucial feedback on the working group KPIs to inform continuous improvement
Review the Session Recap here.

2. Regenerative Agriculture Metric Blueprint

The Regenerative Agriculture metric blueprint outlines a set of key performance indicators (KPIs) identified by a working group of regenerative agriculture experts and practitioners, led by Proof and Trailhead Capital. The blueprint is designed to help regenerative agriculture investors and businesses select industry-specific metric sets and promote harmonization for impact measurement. It’s intended to be broadly applicable to investors and businesses who invest in or operate directly managed land, as well as those who invest in or provide upstream and downstream services in agricultural supply chains.

This blueprint covers six impact categories:

  1. Expand the amount of regeneratively managed land
  2. Reduce atmospheric carbon
  3. Reduce food waste - In progress
  4. Conserve water - Coming soon
  5. Improve food nutrition and nutrient density - Coming soon
  6. Increase biodiversity - Coming soon
Interested in joining future working groups or in providing written feedback on the current blueprints? Contribute your thoughts through the feedback form.

3. Regenerative Agriculture Community

Connect with a global ecosystem of world-changers

The Proof Sustainability Community is a one-of-a-kind community of companies, investors, advisors, subject matter experts, guest speakers, and the Proof team of specialists. The Proof Sustainability Community is a place for regenerative agriculture trailblazers to:

  • Connect with fellow RegenAg investors and entrepreneurs
  • Learn from Proof's impact measurement experts through practical guides, checklists, and more
  • Explore how to achieve your company's business and impact goals through impact data intelligence - from attracting impact-driven investments to expanding your market presence to enhancing performance

When you join, you'll access 50+ sustainability and regenerative agriculture resources and guides, including:

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4. Report your Regenerative Impact with Proof

Proof is a next-generation sustainability data intelligence company building end-to-end tools that help companies and organizations optimize for purpose and profit simultaneously. Proof's digital platform offers full lifecycle support for regenerative agriculture funders and founders, from metric definition and framework alignment to reporting and storytelling, with the goal of building intelligent impact systems that grow with your data.

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