Press Release: SOCAP Global Partners with Proof to Conduct Private ESG Benchmark & Impact Report Across Global Early Stage Ventures

MIAMI, FL (July 27, 2023) — Leading impact convenor SOCAP Global has partnered with Proof, a next-gen impact intelligence company, to facilitate a large-scale assessment that will provide a snapshot into where early stage companies stand when it comes to sustainability initiatives. The survey will tap into SOCAP’s network of purpose-driven entrepreneurs to provide an anonymized private benchmark and impact report featuring insights into a curated set of Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG), impact and financial data points across SOCAP’s previous and current Entrepreneur Program participants. Participating entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to understand & optimize the link between their impact performance & business objectives. The two partners will present the data and subsequent findings at the annual SOCAP event in October later this year.

Through its Entrepreneur Program, SOCAP continues to work towards its chief mission of connecting and inspiring individuals and organizations to use business and finance as catalysts for positive social and environmental change. The entrepreneur program itself launched in 2008 and has an alumni community of over 900 founders from all over the globe and across multiple industries.

Partnering with Proof enables SOCAP to rapidly deploy their Entrepreneur Program assessment on a wide-scale while gaining efficiencies and depth through utilizing a specifically impact-focused tool for data collection, processing and analysis. Identifying early indicators for strategic outperformance and how these correspond to various ESG & impact efforts will allow Proof to deepen its analysis engine and provide more fine-tuned recommendations and insights to its users over time. As shifting investor and consumer behaviors continue to see capital flow towards purpose-aligned businesses, proprietary impact analysis platforms like Proof are poised to become a core part of the standard business toolkit — making it an increasingly sought-after essential for startups and seasoned enterprises alike.

“Providing our Founders (both current and alumni) with this additional value-add towards measuring their impact in a tangible and quantifiable way fills a huge gap that exists for their ventures and organizations. One of the main struggles we see with our founders year to year is thinking about measuring and monitoring the impact they create through their enterprises. Working with Proof is helping to provide an easy way for them to measure their impact and share some of their metrics to their networks. It also helps to showcase the impact that the SOCAP Entrepreneur Program is supporting by selecting and providing this experience to these founders.”

Sarah Sterling, Executive Director of Entrepreneurship, SOCAP Global

While detailed results of the assessment will be exclusive to program participants, the general anonymized insights will be made publicly available during the conference and beyond to serve as an initial guidepost and aspirational benchmark for early stage, impact-driven businesses. Presentation of the general findings will not only allow entrepreneurs to understand where they stand on key impact factors against both their peers and the general global market, but will also provide a new toolset for how to strategically consider, measure and report on impact moving forward.