Press Release: AssetMetrix and Proof join forces to offer an integrated, SFDR-focused ESG solution to private market clients

Press release recirculated with permission from AssetMetrix.

Munich, 11 May 2023 —AssetMetrix, an award-winning alternative investment tech-enabled service provider, has partnered with Proof, a pioneer in global impact intelligence, to provide private market participants with a comprehensive ESG solution focused on the EU's Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR). The partnership enables customers to benefit both from AssetMetrix’s expertise in managing private market operations and Proof’s ESG data management expertise.

According to Dimitris Matalliotakis, Head of Product & Technology at AssetMetrix, the partnership is addressing the strong demand from fund managers for an integrated approach to ESG. Whereas clients have previously been struggling with the collection of ESG-related data, with processing them in a way that allows for valuable insights, and with efficiently communicating them, this cooperation provides a unique end-to-end solution.

The partnership represents a seamless offering that combines SFDR guidance with streamlined data collection, aggregation, reporting, and optimization. The integrated approach allows the client to achieve efficiency and clarity throughout their ESG regulatory journey.

As part of its offering, Proof uses three simple steps to help clients start out with a comprehensive dataset. First they offer a guided SFDR checklist and knowledge hub to ensure that no critical steps towards compliance requirements are missed. Second, the Proof platform leverages standardized, seamless digital assessments to enable an efficient collection of PAI (Principal Adverse Indicators) datasets outlined in the official regulation. Lastly, clients can access specifically curated resources for fund managers and investment staff, including disclosure templates, example disclosures, and best practice guidance. Once the data is collected, it is processed in AssetMetrix’s proprietary engine to ensure all regulatory calculations and aggregations are implemented correctly. Through a state-of-the-art data warehouse infrastructure, data is safely stored and readily available with an automated audit trail.

To meet reporting needs, digital dashboards enable the monitoring of trends and help users align with the pre-contractual targets. To increase transparency, portal access can be shared with investors. Regulatory templates that align to industry standards are automatically populated with collected data for easy export. These can be shared directly via the portal or data can be shared via API with investors.

Shannon Boselli, Director of Business Development at Proof, states: “Nowadays sophisticated private market investors are no longer satisfied with digital tools to uncover and mitigate ESG risks associated with their investment objectives. Instead, investors are looking for a comprehensive digital solution for ongoing ESG, impact, and financial data management. Our teams believe in the power of interconnected ESG data and consider this partnership the possibility to deliver efficiency, control and real value. Seamless data solutions paired with consulting by real ESG data experts will support investors’ journey from ESG risk mitigation to impact outcomes and ongoing performance management.”

Hanne Schnell, ESG Product Manager at AssetMetrix states: “At AssetMetrix we believe in continuous innovation and are pleased to offer our clients additional value by integrating Proof’s data collection tool and ESG data expertise. The offering will increase efficiencies in data collection and validation whilst continuing to ensure the highest level of data quality, enhanced insights and reporting. We believe that our integrated ESG solution represents a simple way for Fund Managers to demonstrate their commitment to responsible investing without additional burden in terms of resources and time. Our integrated solution will provide our clients with the clarity and control they need, ultimately achieving certainty across their investment life cycle for themselves and their investors”

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About AssetMetrix

Founded in Munich in 2013, AssetMetrix has its origins in a private equity fund of funds manager. Today, AssetMetrix provides technology-enabled services to asset owners, asset managers and asset servicers, supporting them in areas such as data management, reporting and non-core fund services.

With its private capital DNA, solutions-oriented mentality and deep technology expertise, our team creates efficiency and scalability for the middle office. With our integrated technology platform, we help meet increasing transparency requirements from investors and regulators.

Our team has been at the forefront of exploring the industry’s challenges in regard to ESG and respective regulations which are becoming more stringent. They have used these insights to launch and continuously improve the ESG solutions offered to both fund managers and investors in private capital.

AssetMetrix stands for innovative and secure technologies, state-of-the-art analytical tools and a first-class, experienced service team in the private capital sector.

About Proof

Proof is a next-generation ESG + Impact intelligence company building end-to-end tools that help companies and organizations optimize for purpose and profit simultaneously. Proof's digital platform offers full lifecycle support for ESG+I initiatives from initial strategy and measurement through to reporting and storytelling, with the goal of building intelligent impact systems that grow with your data.

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