Elevate Your Impact: Unveiling the New Proof Data Intelligence Platform

Elevate Your Impact: Unveiling the New Proof Data Intelligence Platform

In the fast-paced ESG+Impact data landscape, change is not just constant - it's essential. After four years of dedicated learning and innovation, we are proud to introduce you to the new version of our platform that embodies our collective aspirations for driving sustainable value and growth. This powerful upgrade is designed to reshape the way you measure, manage, and communicate your sustainability data.

A Culmination of Learning and Innovation

Our journey at Proof has been a valuable learning and growth experience, and it's now time to take the next step. We have harnessed your insights and the evolving landscape of ESG+Impact data intelligence to craft a new platform that equips you with an advanced data intelligence toolkit. This toolkit will enable you to effectively raise capital, amplify your strengths, identify growth areas, and implement strategic business actions. This evolution embodies the culmination of our dedication to advancing your mission-driven efforts.

The Power of Progress

The upcoming version of the platform is designed with your success in mind:

1.  Streamlined User Experience

We understand the importance of a seamless experience. The new version features a sleeker and more simplified user interface, enhancing your ability to navigate and showcase your performance to investors and stakeholders effortlessly.

2.  Precision Benchmarking

Informed decisions require accurate benchmarks. Leveraging our extensive network of private market users, we're introducing precision benchmarks that enable you to gauge your progress against industry peers. This empowers you to set targets and plan strategically for sustainable value creation. Rest assured, data privacy and security remains a top priority for the platform as we collectively harness the power of data for meaningful change.

3.  Comprehensive Toolkit

As part of this upgrade, you will gain access to a suite of tools that allow you to set targets, devise actionable plans, and drive impactful changes within your organization. Our Proof Sustainability Community, a hub of experts and fellow users, will facilitate collaborative learning, networking, and knowledge sharing.

Transitioning with Confidence

The transition process to the new platform is well under way, with our dedicated team handling the creation of client accounts, dashboards, and tools seamlessly behind the scenes. There's no immediate action required for our current customers. In the coming weeks, your dedicated Customer Success Manager will connect with you (if they have not already) to discuss the details and introduce you to the enhanced features in the new version. This is also a great opportunity for you to inquire about any queries you may have.

Pioneering Sustainable Change

At Proof, we've always believed that progress is a collaborative effort. We are proud to have you as an integral part of our global community. Together, we'll continue to catalyze data-driven sustainable change, making a lasting impact on the world around us. Your trust and partnership inspires us to push boundaries and drive impactful transformations.

Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to unlock the full potential of sustainable value creation with our new platform. Together, let's build a brighter, more sustainable future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log in to my Proof account?

  • If you joined Proof after April 24, 2023, log in to Proof v10.
  • If you joined Proof before April 2023, log in to your existing Proof v9 account for the time being. Your Customer Success Manager will provide guidance to log in to the new platform as soon as your data is transitioned.
  • Having trouble logging in to your account? Send a message to support@proof.io and our dedicated support team will help you log in.

If you joined Proof after April 24, 2023, follow these quick steps to seamlessly join the community from the Proof platform:

  1. Log in to Proof v10, then click the Community icon in the bottom left corner of the home page. When you click this icon, the Proof Sustainability Community should open in a new tab on your browser.
  2. When you log in to the community for the first time, you will be invited to add some basic details about yourself to optimize your community experience.
  3. For more guidance on how to access and make the most of your community experience, log in to Proof v10 to read this Community Access help article.

If you joined Proof before April 2023, follow these quick steps to receive preferential Community access:

  1. Head to the Proof Community landing page.
  2. Enter your email address and click "Join the Wait List." As a Proof user, you will jump to the front of the line and have priority access to everything that is going on in the Community.
  3. You should soon after receive an email invitation to join the community (you may need to check your spam folder). Then, you'll be able to accept your invitation to join the community and set up your account.

Having trouble joining? Send a message to community@proof.io and our dedicated team will help you gain access.

How will the transition affect my data and settings?

Your data will be seamlessly transitioned to the new platform, without any action required by your team. Within the new platform, there may be settings that you will need to configure when you log in for the first time. The Proof team will provide further guidance as soon as it is time for your organization to log in to the new platform.

What is the expected timeline for the transition?

The transition process to the new platform is well under way, with our dedicated team handling the creation of your account, dashboard, and tools seamlessly behind the scenes. Our team is hard at work polishing the product features that will ensure your company's success as you transition to the new platform. Your dedicated Customer Success Manager will be in touch in the coming weeks to provide additional details on the expected timeline for your company's transition.

Who should I reach out to with questions?

For questions about how to use the Proof platform: Use the in-platform Intercom chat functionality or email your question to support@proof.io, and we will be happy to help.

For questions about joining the Proof Sustainability Community: Learn more on the Sustainability Community landing page, and direct any specific questions to community@proof.io.

Your dedicated Customer Success Manager will be in touch in the coming weeks to guide you through the upgraded features and answer any questions you may have.