5 Strategies to Deliver Sustainable Outcomes through Digital Transformation - Part 2 of 2

5 Strategies to Deliver Sustainable Outcomes through Digital Transformation - Part 2 of 2
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Proof and Human Kind are partnering drive digital-led sustainability transformations for enterprises.

In the first article of this 2-part series, we shared three strategies for achieving sustainable outcomes through digital transformation.

Discover two additional pivotal lessons to support the success of your digital transformation programs.

Strategy 4: Measure and Manage Performance

With KPIs in hand, it is critical to measure and manage your impact performance consistently. 

Start by aligning with industry standards. Pull metrics from standard catalogs and frameworks such as SASB, GIIN IRIS+, the Sustainable Development Goals, the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, and the Data Convergence Project.  The Proof platform seamlessly aligns with the leading standards and frameworks to ensure you adhere to the latest best practices.

Then, determine your data availability. Does the data live in existing systems (e.g. CRM, ERP, or HR system)? Will you need to implement new systems to collect data? Will you require additional support with reporting? For example, reporting on Greenhouse Gas Emissions may require additional resources to estimate Scope 1-3 GHG emissions.

Consider your preferred reporting frequency. It is advisable to collect data quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. While more frequent data collection allows for greater monitoring of sustainability performance, it also demands a higher time commitment. 

Your organization should conduct sustainability performance reviews with your ESG Team after each data collection period. This review enables you to assess areas of outperformance and identify opportunities for improvement.

Strategy 5: Apply Learnings for Continuous Sustainable Value Creation

Through the combination of Proof's data insights and Human Kind's strategic consultancy, we can apply creativity, design and technical solutions to generate digital transformations that are both sustainable and commercially viable.

This collaboration supports continuous improvement, with Proof’s cutting-edge impact intelligence allowing businesses to evolve their sustainability strategies in response to changing data and market demands. This intelligence feeds directly into existing programs and supports new digital innovation and transformation programs.

Here are examples of businesses that have utilized digital transformation to drive sustainability:

Unilever's divisions have harnessed digital innovation to advance sustainability in the consumer goods industry. Their digital transformation has modernized supply chains and manufacturing, integrating energy efficiency, waste reduction, and renewable energy practices. This strategy reduces environmental impact and enhances efficiency, illustrating how digital progress and environmental stewardship can yield both green and economic benefits.

IKEA has seamlessly incorporated sustainability into its digital strategy, demonstrating how technology can bolster eco-friendly practices. The IKEA Place app reduces carbon emissions by minimizing product returns through virtual previews. Moreover, the 'Buy Back' program facilitates furniture recycling, promoting a circular economy. These initiatives underscore IKEA's commitment to combining digital innovation with sustainability, setting an example for global retailers on how environmental and social governance can align with profitability.

Where do we go from here?

The collaboration between Proof and Human Kind represents a holistic approach to sustainability. Proof’s digital tools provide the quantitative backbone, offering precise data and analysis, while Human Kind contributes strategic consultancy, applying this data in innovative ways to enhance business practices.

This powerful synergy allows for innovation and transformation driven by sustainability data. The unique nature of the Proof platform ensures that Human Kind can respect the individuality of every business and the market in which it operates, offering tailored digital solutions that align with individual sustainability goals and existing practices.

The partnership between Proof and Human Kind is more than just merging technology and digital consultancy. It represents a forward-thinking approach to business, where sustainability integrates into every aspect of its operations.

About Proof: Proof provides access to the world’s largest consolidated set of reliable, material and high-quality ESG & impact data for private markets. Proof's driving vision is to serve as the largest force multiplier for creating positive, meaningful change through business. 

About Human Kind: Human Kind is a digital and sustainability consultancy that uses data, design, and technology to drive innovation and transformation programs that deliver both sustainable and commercial outcomes.